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Technology Time Capsule

by Posted on October 2, 2020

Chuck Price

It seems like a lifetime ago since the early 2000s. When I entered this industry in the early part of this century, new technology was booming after the Y2K scare of 2000. I remember the newest, cutting-edge consumer technology at the time consisting of devices such as the portable DVD player, the Blackberry phone, the PlayStation 2 gaming console, and how could we forget the very first iPod music player by Apple! These devices made life easier, more instant, more fun, and more connected.

When I reflect on the past 19 years in the technology industry, I am reminded of a mentor at the time that told me something I would never forget. He stated, “Once you get toner in your blood, you can’t get it out, Jeff!” To put some perspective around where I am coming from, I started in this field as a temporary job. I served my time in the Air Force and completed my bachelor’s degree in 1987 in Aeronautics. I was an Air Traffic Controller first, then I left and went into sales at a local gas company for 10 years, and then transitioned into technology.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The industry as a whole was in the process of shifting from analog to digital during that time. The days of a machine scanning one document over multiple times to make copies were over. The first time I experienced digital I was truly amazed. As I started learning the equipment, I first began by reaching out to our schools, government, non-profit, and church markets. As I got to know the people in the offices, I fell in love with this industry. To this day in 2020, when I walk into a church office and everyone smiles at me and invites me over for conversation, I feel blessed. When I get the opportunity to know the history of a government employee’s family and how much they sacrifice, I am humbled. When I hear the stories from employees at non-profits helping the local community, I can’t help but smile. It is the people that have kept me here for almost 2 decades, and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

These my friends are the experiences that drive me. Sure, we provide great office solutions such as copiers, printers, postage machines, folder inserters, and managed network services at Modern Impressions. Those are the products we have provided throughout our history since 1968, the year we were founded. But the products themselves don’t make us special. Our service, our drive to help all people, not only our customers is what sets us apart. Other intangibles like honesty, integrity, transparency, and ease of business elevate us to do business the right way in a very competitive field.

We never know where our love is many times pertaining to our careers until we experience it. Life’s twists and turns can take us all different places. Plans deviate sometimes during this journey we call life. I just thank God that He saw fit to bless me with this time at Modern Impressions. Our motto is that we are local, simple, flexible, and caring. Our mission states that we are a God first business, for Him to use us as an example for other businesses around the world. We Honor Jesus by serving others with excellence. It is my hope that you will submit your plans to God, and allow Him to order your steps.

Until the next time my friends,

Jeff Ray- Sales Manager of Modern Impressions