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Modern Impressions Hosts Annual Employee Awards Banquet

by Posted on February 12, 2024

Modern Impressions Hosts Annual Employee Awards Banquet

At Modern Impressions, we pride ourselves in providing a culture of appreciation and recognition for all of our employees. We host our annual employee awards banquet as a testament to our commitment to valuing every member of our team. This eagerly anticipated event serves not only as a celebration, but as a cornerstone of our company’s character, underlining the belief that acknowledging individual achievements contributes significantly to overall organizational success. By spotlighting outstanding employees each year, Modern Impressions strives to foster a motivating environment that encourages excellence, loyalty, and a deep sense of belonging among our team members. This fun yearly event includes awards, a year’s recap, and food! It is a reflection of our dedication to not only recognizing hard work and achievement, but also to building a community that celebrates success together.

This year’s company-wide breakfast event was hosted by Bobby and Cody Clanton at the Cannon Ballers baseball stadium on January 5th. At Modern Impressions, we are grateful for the unique contributions of each individual and we take special moments to celebrate those exceptional employees who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and performance. This year’s award winners are:

– Salesperson of the Year: Nick Houston
Most Equipment Revenue, Most New Customers

– Service Tech of the Year: Curtis Bennett
Top service calls, First time fix efficiency, Customer service, Mileage Driven

– Ministry Award:  Jeff R
Most hours served

– Modern Impressions Award: Joey G
Employee who stood out and made an impact

– Don Sharpe Award: Curtis B
MVPEmployee who had an exceptional year in all aspects of Job/duties along with Ministry work!

This annual kick-off banquet event is not only a time to recognize outstanding employees, but a way to bring the company together and reflect on our successes of the previous year and how we can improve in the future. It highlights achievements across various categories, from innovation and leadership to teamwork and service excellence, ensuring a comprehensive acknowledgment of efforts that contribute to our company’s goals. Modern Impressions sees beyond the numbers and deeply values the unique contributions of each employee. This practice of annual recognition not only boosts morale, it also instills a culture of striving for excellence and supports our company’s vision of nurturing a workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute their best.

About Modern Impressions

Modern Impressions, established in 1968 and serving the Carolinas, stands out as a premier provider of business technology solutions, including copier leasing and printer service repair. Our unique “Circle of Excellence” encapsulates our company ethos—ranging from service, monitoring, provision, consultation, design, to management, all centered around building trusted relationships and embodying values such as excellence, integrity, performance, knowledge, unity, and ministry. Our commitment to these values has fostered long-lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and associates alike, showcasing our dedication to serving others with excellence and integrity. This approach not only highlights our expertise in copier leasing and printer service repair, it also positions us as a God First Business, aiming to serve as a model for others by prioritizing unity, knowledge, and exceptional service standards in all our endeavors. To learn more about what Modern Impressions can do for your business, contact us today.