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Why Modern Impressions for your copier and office technology needs?

The Modern Impressions "Circle of Excellence" or "MI Circle" listing our focuses as a company: Service, Monitor, Provide, Consult, Design, Manage are on the outer wheel. The inner wheel is Trusted Relationships, Excellence, Integrity, Performance, Knowledge, Ministry, and Unity. The center of the circle reads: Building the best Modern Impressions, which honors Jesus by serving others with excellence, so God can use us as an example for other businesses.

Modern Impressions is a full-service business technology solutions provider serving clients across the Carolinas since 1968.

The strong, personal relationships Mi builds with our customers are a direct result of the simple and fair-minded way we approach business. A friendly and caring attitude, demonstrated on a daily basis, is what has gained the long-lasting trust of our clients, vendors, and associates. The flexibility we empower our team members to go beyond what customers expect is not only what establishes those relationships for life, but also strengthens the devotion and experience of our team.

Our mission is for God to be able to use Modern Impressions as an example for other businesses around the world. We are a God First Business, which honors Jesus by serving others with excellence.

Trusted Relationships: Mi grows meaningful connections with our clients, employees, community, and vendors.

Integrity: We are committed to the principle of maintaining high standards of moral and ethical character in our business relationships.

Knowledge: We grow our knowledge through our people, clients, education, experience, and partnerships.

Performance: We strive to be caring, efficient, proactive, and intentional in our actions.

Unity: The ability to work effectively as a team. Power of unity strengthens us as a service provider

Excellence: We will never settle for “good”. We operate with high expectations,  a sense of urgency, a proactive approach, and a positive attitude.

Ministry: We believe that we should use our gifts to help others on an individual and community level. Jesus demonstrated how to care and love for one another, we choose to follow this path in caring for our clients, employees, vendors, and community.

If you are interested in learning more about what Modern Impressions can do for your business, please contact us here.