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Paving The Way – Understanding Our Technological Past

by Posted on August 12, 2020

A photo/selfie of Chuck Price

It never ceases to amaze me just how complex our world has become. As I think back to my childhood, I remember growing up in the 1980’s and believing that the old Apple Macintosh computers with the big black floppy disks were so incredibly amazing! In elementary school, I spent many days playing games such as Number Munchers, The Oregon Trail, and Where’s Waldo. I know many of you remember the days of dial-up internet service and Windows 3.1. How the times have changed since then.

Gil Press’ 2013 Forbes Magazine article “A Very Short History of Information Technology (IT)” states that two of the most notable moments in technological history are:

  • “June 30, 1945: John Von Neumann published the First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC, the first documented discussion of the stored program concept and the blueprint for computer architecture to this day.”
  • “March 1989: Tim Berners-Lee circulated “Information management: A proposal” at the CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in which he outlined a global hypertext system.” This was a prelude to the World Wide Web.

Interestingly enough, although both of these events reflect computer hardware and software, the original copier has been around even longer. Created by physicist Chester Carlson, did you know that he took a handkerchief and generated enough static electricity on dry powder and created the very first copy? He was noted for the experiment back on October 22, 1938. It was literally a kitchen experiment in his apartment in Queens, NY! His wife was even furious that he continued to try and fail leading up to that fateful day, because he almost set their apartment on fire several times!

You may wonder why I bring this information up? It is because if 2020 has proven itself to be anything, it is the year of technological creativity for most of the world. Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence are spreading at a rapid rate. I believe that crisis is a breeding ground for new opportunities! This is exactly why companies like ours here at Modern Impressions are constantly finding ways to make doing business easier for our customers.

Sure, we are still a hardware company as well. We still strive to deliver cutting edge multi-function copiers, printers, postage meters, folder inserters, digital whiteboards, 5th-color production, and much more at a great value. What we would like our readers to know is that we have a wide array and diverse offering of Managed Network Services, which are critical in today’s environment. We introduced a low-cost, short term help desk option for those organizations that have smaller staff, and even those working from home. You can learn more about our Managed Network Services division and how it can benefit your office here:

The late best-selling author and motivational speaker Stephen Covey stated it this way: “Times change, people change, but principles never change” in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This is so true in 2020 for us here at Modern Impressions. Although we as a company have diversified the way we do business for the benefit of each customer, we are still the same company in many ways that was founded by Don Sharpe back in 1968. We are local, simple, flexible, caring, and easy to do business with. It is essential to our values that each employee knows their role in serving current and potential customers. Lastly, our principles remain in tact that we are a God-first company. We seek to honor Him in the way we do business on every level. We pray that you will continue to stay safe as God protects us all and navigates us into the future.

Signing off,

Chuck C. Price