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Modern Impressions Celebrates 50 Years of Service!

by Posted on October 25, 2018

Modern Impressions 50th Anniversary Logo

CHARLOTTE, NC – Modern Impressions, a family-owned and operated Charlotte-based company celebrates its 50th year anniversary as having survived the rapidly changing world of business technology through staying ahead of the curve on innovation while delivering good, old-fashioned personal service.

In 1968, Don and Anne Sharpe purchased a small office equipment dealership in Greensboro, NC. Born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, strong family values and hard work were deeply rooted in Don and provided the entrepreneurial spirit to start Modern Impression Products, Inc. In the early years, Don made a comfortable living for his family selling and servicing Gestetner Stencil Duplicators and Standard Spirit Duplicators to Schools, Churches, and Associations across the Piedmont of North Carolina. From day one, he committed to a high level of customer support and satisfaction that has earned a very loyal client base.  Many of his Modern Impression’s clients today can be traced back to his Don’s early years in business.

In 1982, Modern Impressions expanded by opening an office in Roanoke, VA. After building the business for two years through exceptional product, personal service, and support, Don sold the company when he had the opportunity to buy a Gestetner Branch Office in Charlotte, NC.  Shortly after, Don’s daughter, Jeanne, and son-in-law, Bobby moved to the area to manage the Charlotte Office.  In 1996, Jeanne and Bobby purchased the Charlotte location of Modern Impression Products and renamed to Modern Impressions of Charlotte. In 2005, Don retired and sold his business to his son in law Bobby Clanton and daughter Jeanne.

Family involvement continues as the company continues to grow, with two of Bobby’s children in the business.  “Our family tradition in this business has always been very important,” explains Tim Sharpe, Don’s son. “but now it extends beyond immediate family to include employees, customers, and even our community.”

It’s that feeling of community that has helped Modern Impressions’ reputation thrive for so many years. The company continues to seek and offer its customers cutting-edge technology that is a must for competing in the business world today. “There are lots of guys out there who offer cutting-edge technology,” continues Tim, “but it’s our commitment to community and personal customer service that really sets us apart from those larger, multi-national companies.”

Business Technology has been developing, mutating, and adapting at an exponential rate over the last 50 years. With the introduction of central network computing that transformed into cloud computing, robust and cutting-edge business technology has become available to even the smallest organizations. With large, multinational service and hardware providers emerging with this trend, one would expect that the smaller, local providers would be drowned out in the tide. That is not true for Modern Impressions, which has remained relevant with its customers and community despite the increased and gargantuan competition.

“It’s an exciting time for us today. With a constant changing competitive landscape, businesses today crave what we have to offer, a business that is willing to partner with them to deliver honest, competitively-priced business services and products.”

Commitment to Community is not just lip service with Modern Impressions. The company is a “God first” organization, with Bobby Clanton becoming a member of C12 Group, the largest network of Christian CEOs and executives working together to increase company performance and integrate faith and business. Mi also supports and participates in several outreach and ministry programs in its community, including Meals on Wheels, and Backpack Beginnings, an organization dedicated to delivering child-centric services to feed, comfort, and clothe children in need.