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Free Service Offerings

by Posted on April 6, 2021

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Hi Everyone, I’m Samantha our Service Administrative Assistant here at Modern Impressions! I am here to quickly let everyone reading this blog know about 3 key FREE services we give to every customer here at Modern Impressions.

Worry-Free Toner Program

Our toner program at Modern Impressions is a free service we offer to our customers. The most common question we get when explaining the toner program is “how much it costs?” It’s FREE – We always emphasize this. The copiers and printers have the ability to report current toner levels back to us once they are registered. This is usually done during the equipment setup process, but can be added to already existing machines as long as the customer network allows. We set the machines to alert for toner at a level that works best for their office and (low, medium, or high) volume. This allows for continuous usage so they don’t have to worry about ordering toner or running out. This is one less thing your office has to manage and track.

Automated Meter Collection

This is also a free service we offer to our customers. Our service contracts are on a cost per copy (CPC) and are based on what you used for your billing period. Instead of asking for users onsite to take time out of their busy day to grab their current meter readings off of the machine, we can have the copier report it to us directly. This eliminates excess meter reading request emails, phone calls, and free’s up the users to get back to business. This also allows for consistent billing since the meters will be pulled off of the machine in the same time range each month.

Live Person

Do you dread calling and having to coordinate having a problem solved through an automated system? Not at Modern Impressions! Whether you call our Charlotte number, our Greensboro number, or our 800 number, you’re going to get a real live human being located right here in North Carolina. This is part of who we are. We are local, simple, flexible, and caring.


There are several other services we provide to our customers at Modern Impressions to make doing business with us easy. We just wanted to bring awareness of these key benefits to both our customers and prospective customers alike. I hope you found value in this information. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Modern Impressions customer, reach out to us at [email protected]

Have a blessed day,

Samantha Murphy

Service Administrative Assistant