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Are You Trying To Find Ways To Cut Expenses?

by Posted on May 23, 2022

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Gas prices, inflation, interest rates, and the overall cost of doing business are steadily increasing for everyone in 2022. If you are like most business owners, managers, or office employees you are looking for places to reduce expenses. Think about the majority of America as well. Most people are having the same struggles personally that they are having professionally when it comes to their personal budgets. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself. Am I being proactive, or reactive to the changes in the markets? Have I looked at several different areas of my business to see where I can cut without disrupting productivity? What have I done about the issue of increased costs so far? Do I have a team that is 100% on board with our business goals and what we are looking to accomplish?
If you can identify with some or all of this, have you considered a 100% free lease evaluation of your current copier and office equipment leases from Modern Impressions? I know it may not sound like something to focus on, but we see many leaders paying for vast amounts of unknown costs from copier leases and they don’t even realize that an opportunity is there to help manage those expenses. With many others working remotely, they have opportunities to save in Managed IT Services for their network or Document Management as well. 
At Modern Impressions, we have helped hundreds of people reduce some of their expenses in their budget by a simple contract review that is quick, easy, and free. Many times, offsetting price increases in some areas with saving hundreds of dollars a year in technology expenses can be very beneficial for leaders trying to make ends meet. Of course, if you want to speak with a live representative, we are local as well, serving both North and South Carolina, and can be reached at 704-597-7278.
To learn more or if you have 5 minutes and a copy of your lease available, simply visit to get a comparison quote without speaking to a salesperson on the phone.
I hope this information was beneficial to you, and I pray for blessings upon your organization for the rest of 2022.
-Chuck C. Price, Director of Marketing