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Technology Workflow

We Know Workflow

Workflow is a term used to describe the system of tasks, procedural steps, organizations, people, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process. Understanding workflow is vital to making sure that the goals of any particular business are met and profitable.

Modern Impressions takes an approach to workflow analysis by first taking an object-oriented programming approach, which tends to focus on the flow of documents and data through a business operation. That information is combined with an thorough analysis of process workflow, which understands the actions and goals of a process rather than simply the inputs and outputs involved. These analyses are combined to gain a full understanding of the entire process from start to finish. As a result, technology can be implemented in places to make the workflow more efficient, secure, and profitable.

Often times, workflow engines are built in order to manage all the procedures, steps in a procedure, and rules for each step for a certain business process. The workflow engine determines whether the process is ready to move to the next step. While many vendors have workflow systems specifically designed for certain industries, Modern Impressions has the knowledge and experience can help your company to develop its own custom workflow engine. Considering efficiencies gained from a more fluid and smooth workflow process, a workflow engine is very cost-effective.

If you would like for Modern Impressions to come and perform a complete WorkFlow Analysis for your business in order to determine the optimal technology and document management solutions that will increase your workplace efficiency, please click here.

Make Workflow into Cashflow

As your company has grown, gradually, its Information Technology needs have grown. A new machine here, a printer there, typically does not have long-term planning involved in immediate need decisions. Over time, however, unintended problems begin to emerge: compatibility issues, performance gaps, redundancies, and technology obsolescence. When one of these “points of failure” stops working, your entire workflow could encounter a bottleneck, or even worse, a shutdown.

Is Your Workflow Healthy?

Modern Impressions has developed a comprehensive, no-nonsense tool we call our Information Technology Assessment (ITA). Conducting a thorough, in-depth review of all critical technology areas, the Mi team develops a Network Health Index (NHI), an easy to understand metric that measures each critical IT function. Comparing the NHI against best technology practices, Modern Impressions then provides your business with a road map to understand your technology strengths and weaknesses and better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage.

Each ITA is a unique and concentrated effort that includes an on-site consultation and data collection, the report itself (comprising your specific Network Health Index, analyzes, best practices, recommendations and budgetary information) and a full in-person presentation. Areas that are explored during the ITA include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology Management: planning, support and documentation
  • Network Topology: design, cable plant and Internet connectivity
  • Network Security: firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security
  • Server Infrastructure: hardware, operating systems and storage
  • Network Services: directory services, administrative policies, remote access and redundancy
  • Network Applications: communication, collaboration and financial management
  • Cloud Services
  • PC Fleet

After your review is complete, Modern Impressions will present your organization with a detailed report that presents your current state of technology, and offers detailed recommendations for areas requiring improvement, ranked by priority.

If you decide to use support services, Mi will deduct the fee of the IT Assessment off of your first month’s bill!

If you would like to find out the health of your company’s IT systems through an Information Technology Assessment, please click here.