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Managed Data Backup

Simple, Flexible, and Worry-Free Data Back Up

Scalable to any size business, Modern Impressions offers customizable managed backup services that are easy to use, cost effective, and reliable. Mi Backup Manager is a comprehensive file and entire disk backup solution for desktops and servers, priced based on the size of your business and data needs. Backup Manager includes, but is not limited to:

Local Backup – At the facility level, Mi Backup Manager provides disk-to-disk backup within your local network. Data is securely backed up on-site in two ways: File backup is perfect for recovery of accidentally deleted files. Disk image backup records an overview of your entire computer drive(s) and stores these “images” for use in recovery situations.

Remote Backup – For off-site backup, Mi Backup Manager provides complete and exact copies of your data to secure data centers. Offering enterprise level data security, these data centers are PCI, HIPAA, SAS 70 Type II, SSAE compliant. These are industry standards for keeping data secure in a redundant, safe environment.

In case a virus, power surge, or other dangerous issue attacks or completely wipes out your network, both Remote Backup and Local Backup work together to ensure the security and integrity of on-site and off-site data protection.

Scales to Fit

As your data storage and back up needs grow, Mi Backup Manager automatically scales to immediately secure the new data space.

If your company needs peace of mind that its data is always safe and sound, find out more about Mi Backup Manager by contacting us here.