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Email Services

Cloud-based Email Hosting, Management, and Security

Today, most businesses rely heavily on email for their primary form of external, as well as internal communications. While it is never good practice, email inboxes are often the filing system and the only written record of important business information or correspondence. With attachments, email boxes become full very quickly, taking up precious space on workstations and servers. Losing these important business records are not an option, and every business should have a redundancy plan in place.

To prevent a catastrophic loss of email, it is imperative for businesses to find a hosted email solution that provides the essentials: lots of storage, spam & virus protection, webmail access, and email archiving capabilities.

Safe and Secure

Using Modern Impressions Managed Mail Services is like having your own personal spam-defense team on call 24-7. Our monitoring system works around the clock to keep these important digital records protected. Routinely performing over 75 tests on your incoming email, Mi’s cloud-based email filtering system ensures the email you are receiving is virus and malware free.

Off-Site and Safe Email Hosting

Businesses need the flexibility to add and remove emails as their needs change, but hosting and maintaining an email server in-house can be an IT nightmare. Modern Impressions offers robust hosted email and exchange cloud solutions for companies that want to have the flexibility to control their email roster, but don’t want to worry about updates, back up, redundancy, or security. Choose to use your own version of Outlook™ or use Mi’s web-based version to send and receive email on your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other devices. With all of the features for large enterprise email system needs, Modern Impressions hosting is priced for any size business.

Email Archiving

With the Modern Impressions Email Archiving System, a tamperproof copy of all incoming and outgoing email (including attachments) is captured, replicated and stored in SAS 70 Type II Data Centers, which are the industry standard for secure and safe digital archiving. Once messages are archived, users can simply use an intuitive web-based interface to access current and historical email records… even if the original has been deleted from the users workstation.

If you are interested in finding out more about Modern Impressions Cloud-based email services, please feel free to contact us here.