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Device Management

From Desktop to Device – The Mi Managed Workstation

The average business wastes valuable time and resources making updates, installations, and optimization on desktop workstations and devices. Often times, this task is left up to the workstation owner, who may or may not have the technical expertise to do it correctly. The result is often incompatible and inconsistent workstations across a network. Even for organizations that have an IT department, these mundane and repetitive tasks prevent them from taking on more strategic projects.

With the Modern Impressions Managed Workstation application to manage and fix the majority of workstation technical issues, your business will save valuable money and time, allowing your employees to do what they were actually hired to do. Working in the background, tasks such as performance tuning, disk space monitoring, anti-virus scans, software updates and more are done proactively. If a problem is detected, The Mi Service Desk is notified so that corrective action can quickly be taken – most of the time without a user even realizing they had an issue.

Operating live, our technical consultants can troubleshoot the vast majority of PC or Mac desktop issues as if they were standing right there beside you.

Mi Managed Workstation Services

  • Remote Network Monitoring with Automated Alerts
  • Anti-virus / Anti-spyware
  • Preventive Software Patch Management
  • Software License Management & Compliance Reporting
  • PC or Mac Inventory Management Reporting
  • PC or Mac Performance Tuning
  • End User Desktop Remote Access
  • Stolen PC / Mac Laptop Recovery Service
  • Client Console and Monthly Reports

Now Serving Your Servers

When a server goes down, it can be devastating to business operations. However, Modern Impressions provides the same dependable, convenient, and timesaving service for servers as workstations. Of course, making updates and installations on a server requires a higher level of expertise than workstations, but each and every technician at the Mi Service Desk are highly trained on all types of network hardware and software.

If you would like to find out more about how the Mi Managed Workstation / Server can benefit your business, please contact Modern Impressions .